From the Secretary

Race for Hope SI's

Race for Hope 2020

The American Cancer Society & The Victory Center

North Cape Yacht Club

Saturday, June 13th, 2020


  1. Rules: This regatta will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing of the United States Sailing Association, and by these Sailing Instructions. Prescriptions 60.3, 63.2 and 63.4 will not apply. 


  1. Entries: All yachts with PHRF measurements shall sail in either PHRF with spinnaker or JAM without spinnakers. Boats without measurements will sail with the Cruising Class and will be assigned a rating. 


  1. Notices to Competitors will be posted on the notice board located outside the main doors of NCYC and the fireplace inside NCYC. Channel 71 on your VHF radio will be used to notify competitors of any changes. 


  1. Schedule: A warning gun will be fired at approximately 12:55 PM on June 13th, 2020, and classes will start in approximately 5 minute intervals. 


  1. Divisions and Classes: Division and Class flag colors are as follows:



                                                PHRF                         Pink

                                                JAM A                       Yellow 

                                                JAM B                       Gray 

                                                Cruising A                Blue

                                                Cruising B                Purple



  1. Start and Finish: The Start and Finish lines will be between the NCYC West mark and the staff displaying an orange flag on the R/C boat. Boats finish from the Course side, regardless of whether the West mark is to port or to starboard. 


  1. Recalls: Recalls will be made in accordance with Rule 29.2. Starting order will not change. The R/C will hail yachts that break RRS 29.1 on Channel 71. Failure to hear the hail is not grounds for redress. 


  1. Course: The course is as follows: Start at West mark, sail to East mark, round to Port and Sail to the North mark and round to Port and return to the West mark to Finish


  1. Marks: NCYC race marks are orange spar buoys with letters W, E and N. Their approximate locations are as follows:

                        W 41’49.457 N                     E 41 49.45 N                        N 41’50.867 N

                          83’23.841 W                        83 19.96 W                           83’21.841 W


  1. Shorten Course: Should conditions warrant, the Race Committee MAY shorten course and will notify yachts by flying Code flag “S” accompanied by two sound signals at one of the marks. Yachts will finish between the staff displaying the “S” flag and the nearby mark. 


  1. Scoring: Low point system of Appendix A of the Racing Rules will apply.

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