Current Membership Numbers

  • Juniors: 12
  • Intermediate A: 10
  • Intermediate B: 9
  • TOTAL of Junior and Int: 31
  • Emeritus: 27
  • Honorary: 7
  • Limited: 26
  • Non Resident: 63
  • Senior: 280
  • Club: 10
  • Crew: 16
  • TOTAL No. of members: 460
  • Membership Information

    Persons interested in joining North Cape Yacht Club must seek an application through a current Senior Member of the club. For contact information please link here OR eMail directly to

    There are 6 categories of membership available.

    • Junior - Persons over 12 and under 21 years of age.
    • Intermediate "B" - Persons 21-25 years of age.
    • Intermediate "A" - Persons 26-31 years of age.
    • Senior - Persons over 31 years of age.
      (Persons who are age 21-30 may elect to be Senior members to be eligible for a dock and to vote)
    • Club - Club membership will allow members of our local community with an interest in North Cape Yacht Club and yachting, who want something short of a full Senior Membership, to become members of the Club and provide a pathway to Senior Membership.
    • Crew - The North Cape Yacht Club and its members regularly welcome and host a large number of guests at its facilities through its on-the-water programs. Many of these people crew on member's boats for various races, regattas, and other sailing events at the Club. These crew members, many of whom have been racing or sailing on club member's boats for a number of years, have - over the years - developed a relationship with the Club. CREW MEMBERSHIP would provide these people with the opportunity to more fully engage with North Cape Yacht Club and the full range of opportunities it offers and to become more involved overall. The objective of the CREW MEMBERSHIP is to provide these regular guests with a slightly lowered threshold to membership, a sense of ownership, and a pathway to regular membership.

    The yearly dues for each category is listed below (updated 1/1/2023).

    • Junior - $100.00
    • Intermediate "B" - $237.60
    • Intermediate "A" - $450.00
    • Senior - $812.60
    • Club - $562.60
    • Crew - $312.60

    There is an initiation fee of $1000.00 for Senior Memberships.
    There is an initiation fee of $400.00 for Club Memberships.
    There is an initiation fee of $150.00 for Crew Memberships.
    The initiation fee shall accompany your application. The initiation fee payment may be made in quarterly installments, if requested.

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